Welcome to the home page of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society. Founded in 1995 by veteran paranormal researchers Joseph Franke and Orlando Ferrante, the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society is a serious, non-profit organization led by highly skilled, ethical professionals with over 57 years of combined knowledge and experience. Joe and Orlando have worked on hundreds of cases over the years helping frightened families understand and overcome their fears of the unknown.

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Forward and Mission Statement:
Joe began his paranormal studies in 1986 under the expert tutelage of famed paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. Orlando began his paranormal journey in 1993 after having paranormal activity in his own home. A case that was investigated by the Warrens. Joe and Orlando continue to consult with Lorraine to this day. The CPRS team is deeply committed to the scientific research and study of paranormal phenomena and is intent on helping people find viable solutions to their problems.

Therefore, it is the mission of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society to offer education and assistance to those experiencing paranormal disturbances and to present to the world the truth regarding facts and evidence of paranormal activity obtained through skillful scientific investigation and tireless research and documentation.

Although based in Connecticut, the CPRS team proudly serves, but is not limited to, the entire New England area. In fact, the duo regularly welcomes inquiries from and provides consultation to people around the entire world.


Make plans to meet CPRS  as the 2018 Fall Lecture Season is upon us. Join us as Joseph Franke and Orlando Ferrante, founders of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, share photographic images this year as they tell tales of several cases they pursued. The duo, with over 57 years of combined knowledge and experience, has established itself as one of the most prominent paranormal investigation and research teams in New England.  

Please stay tuned as we will be posting our lecture schedule for 2018 very soon. More information coming shortly!

If you have any questions regarding the Paranormal, or need help with a Paranormal disturbance,  please e-mail us! at ghosts@cprs.info


Some kind words from people that have hosted previous Presentations:

“CPRS had a great program here last weekend. We had a nice turnout and the audience was captivated with the presentation. Highly recommended.”

- Carrie Tyszka, Berlin-Peck Memorial Library - October 30, 2017

“We have hosted CPRS 4 times at our Library and plan to have them back next year; they present a wonderful program and are a delight to work with.”
- Mary Coe, Fairfield Woods Branch Library - October 22, 2013

“We had 100 people attend the program they presented at the Danbury library. They were very professional, and the audience was riveted.”
- Michelle Capozzella, Danbury Library - November 9, 2010

“These guys PACKED the house – 85 plus! – with a fast-paced, entertaining and very professionally presented program. I just booked them for next year!
Jenny Tripp, The Essex Library - October 21, 2010

Orlando Ferrante
Founder/Senior Investigator CPRS



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