Updated 10/24/2016 - The Connecticut Paranormal Research Society is a non-profit organization which is devoted to helping people with paranormal disturbances. Our crew will be presenting as much evidence as possible that is retrieved from ongoing investigations, along with photos sent in from viewers, to raise questions in the paranormal world. We are currently based in the state of Connecticut, but do travel the tri-state area and in parts of Massachusetts. CPRS will do follow ups on any requests for paranormal disturbances which are reported either through e-mail or in person. If you believe you may be the center of a disturbance, please E-mail us!

We must remind you that the equipment used on these investigations, such as cameras, DO NOT have any straps on them. It's one of our most important rules. Another important rule is that there is NO SMOKING allowed by anybody on any type of investigation.

If you have any photos, EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), sound files you wish to submit, or an investigation you would like for CPRS to handle, please e-mail us!

CPRS members consist of:

  Joe Franke - In addition to being the co-founder and senior lead investigator of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society; Joe is also an expert paranormal consultant. His investigative experience spans well over two decades, with him spending the majority of his adult life helping others understand and overcome their paranormal experiences. Joe’s paranormal journey began as a child when he had a “divine experience” at the age of 3. His paranormal studies later culminated in 1987 at the age of 18 when he began his research under the tutelage of Ed and Lorraine Warren. Joe is highly respected in the paranormal community and is considered by his peers to be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable investigators in the field today. Joe is always available to consult with and assist fellow paranormal investigators and research organizations with their work as he feels it is his way of giving back to those who have taught him so much. Joe is a husband, father, coach, friend and mentor. His love for paranormal study and passion for helping others is only surpassed by his love for his family and friends. Joe currently resides in Wallingford, CT. with his wife and three children. He can be reached at ghosts@cprs.info  
Orlando Ferrante


Orlando Ferrante - Orlando is not only the co-founder and senior technical investigator of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society; he is also a gifted sensitive and accomplished paranormal consultant with over 17 years experience in paranormal investigation. Orlando possesses a unique and uncanny ability to sense the presence of spirits and to see visions of future events with remarkable accuracy. His experience and unrivaled passion for finding the truth makes him one of the leading investigators in the field today. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with fellow paranormal investigators and research organizations as they search for answers to their paranormal questions. Orlando is also the chief web designer for CPRS. Orlando lives in Bethel, CT. with his lovely wife and four children. He can be reached via e-mail at ghosts@cprs.info

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  Donna Ferrante - Donna is Orlando's lovely wife and has been investigating with Orlando for many years. Donna also manages CPRS's calendar of events including seminar bookings.  
Paul Proto   Paul Proto - Investigator/Technical Expert
Paul is a highly experienced paranormal investigator and a true asset to the CPRS family. Over the years, he has investigated and documented countless extraordinary paranormal events, working tirelessly to help those in need of assistance with their paranormal disturbances. Paul’s background in the fields of information technology and law enforcement gives him a technical advantage as he takes a logical, scientific approach to his investigations. Paul is a native of the Connecticut shoreline and a loving husband and father. His selfless dedication to his family and his work is an inspiration to us all.The CPRS is pleased to announce that it is now offering consultation services to fellow paranormal organizations.
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  John Carter - Investigator/Sensitive
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  Heather Ryan - Evidence Analysis/Historian
Heather has always been interested in the paranormal, having had a multitude of personal experience's starting when she was a child. Her fear of the unknown changed into curiosity when she was in her teens after meeting several people whom shared similar experiences. Based on her experiences, Heather was determined to learn all there is about the paranormal so she read and watched everything she could on the subject. After a lifetime of experiencing strange phenomenon, including living in a haunted house, seeing apparitions firsthand, and capturing multitudes of anomalies on film, Heather has found a place where she can use her experiences to help others.  CPRS is honored to be working with an individual who shares the same views and possesses the same dedication to seeking answers to the unknown while helping those who are being affected by the Paranormal.
  Alex Farias - Medium
Alexandra Farias is a Psychic Medium whose gift began as a child, as she got older her gift went dormant and then came back after a car accident she was in that occurred during her junior year in high school. She was diagnosed with anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, as a result of her accident, what she did not realize was that the anxiety she was having was actually spirit trying to contact her to relay messages to their loved ones.  Alexandra has now developed the ability to hear, see and feel spirit.  She also has the ability to Crossover earth bound spirits. She started to use her gift in 2011 and has since become the owner of Mystical Energy located in Patterson, New York. You can visit her website at www.mysticalenergy.net.
  Rich Butler - Investigator
Rich's background is in equipment, technical & field research, and has given him the ability to debunk evidence captured in the field of the paranormal. Rich has worked with Lorraine Warren & Tony Spera with the Warrens Occult Museum, Traveling across the northeast, informing people on the objects used in occult & diabolical practices. Rich's enthusiasm for the study of the paranormal and the advancement in technical equipment, has given him the desire to be a leader in the field of the unexplained. Rich's first encounters with the paranormal was as a child in his home and that has fueled his ability to ask the tough questions that so many in the past have left unanswered.  Richard is honored to have the opportunity to work with the CPRS family, to further the study of the paranormal and the ability to help the families in need.
  Jason Butler - Investigator
Jason's background is in the fields of Web Design, Graphic Arts, & photo Journalism. Jason is currently an active member of N.E.S.P.R. (New England Society for Psychic Research) founded by Ed and Lorraine Warren. As an understudy of Lorraine Warren and Tony Spera, Jason is all too familiar with cases of supernatural and Preternatural. As a young child & sensitive, Jason first encountered entities in his home that left him questioning the vail of the existence of spirit and the supernatural. Jason takes a "no bull" approach with the paranormal  and his love of photography has given him the ability to document and the skeptical eye for questionable evidence. Jason ability to see, feel, and relate to the families that are plagued by the supernatural has fueled his desire to help those in need. Jason is quoted by saying "In the end our journey into the paranormal isn't that much different then our perspective on life. It is to learn, experience, and hopefully walk away leaving the situation better for our being there.." If you would like to contact Jason he can be reached @ nespr3@yahoo.com
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