Do you have strange Phenomenon occurring in your home or apartment? Not sure what to do or who to speak too? Do you need someone to perform an investigation, or just answer some questions? Would you like to book CPRS for a seminar or lecture? You can contact CPRS in the following way:

E-mail is still the number one way to reach CPRS for any questions or requests for investigations. We are working on getting a HOTLINE telephone number for the near future, but until that happens, e-mail is the best method of communication. Email us!

Seminar or Lecture Bookings
CPRS is currently accepting bookings for Lectures or Seminars. At a lecture or Seminar, CPRS will provide an opportunity to learn more about what we do and experience on typical investigation. We will share our photographic, video, and audio evidence using a projector and a Power Point presentation. At the end, the viewers will have a chance to ask question or share some of their own paranormal experiences. If you are interested in booking CPRS for  lecture, please contact us by e-mail to schedule a date.

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