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These digital images were taken by CPRS member, Orlando, on 04-16-04 at the famous Carousel Gardens restaurant in Seymour CT. It was a cool, dry night but not cold enough to produce breath in photos. Orlando decided to take some photos of the building from the outside. This is not reflection of the flash from a window or glass. The lens of the camera are always cleaned prior to use and it is well maintained. Notice in the photo to the left the bright large orb-like object? Alot of folks believe that this is spirit energy. However, in the field of research there is no way to prove that these orbs are indeed spirit energy and they can be debunked as dust, water vapor or reflections.

In the second photo, there seams to be what appears to be mist forming to the left of the gentleman sitting just outside of the Restaurant. These strange anomalies were not seen with the naked eye but appeared on our photgraphs. We are in no way saying that these objects are a ghost or spirit energy. We will leave that up to you, the viewer, to decide.

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