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This "heart-shaped" anomalous photo was shot using a digital camera by co-founder Orlando in 1999, a few days before Halloween in front of the Carousel Garden restaurant. The restaurant was well known for psychical phenomena and people often just stopped by for a few drinks to observe some activity. Some of the disturbances included glasses moving or even exploding for no apparent reason. CPRS co-founder, Joe Franke, stood in front of the camera and asked for the spirits to "give him some love" hen the photo was taken. Oddly enough, this "heart-shapped" misty object is captured. Coincidence? Do you think some existing spirits responded?

In the second photo, more of the same misty type of object appears on a different random photograph taken on that same night. Nnobody witnessed with the naked eye, yet it appears on our camera. It was not cold enough for the breath of the photographer to appear in the photo and it was dry and crisp air that night.

Of course we are not claiming this to be a ghost or to be spirit energy. We are not sure what it is and further investigative research and work would need to be done before a conclusion can be made.

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