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These digital photographs was taken by Orlando with his digital camera outside of the haunted Carousel Garden restaurant in Seymour CT. The restaurant is known for it's haunting while patrons enjoyed a quiet meal or drink to themselves. Witnesses have seen drinking glasses explode for no apparent reason as well as objects moving on their own. Notice the brilliant orb-like object in the first photo? Most orbs can be debunked as dust, water vapor, or reflections. The misty object in the background is interesting because it could not be seen with the naked eye and it was not cold enough for this to be the photographer's breath. The vehicle you see is parked and not running and this is not the moon, or street light. Investigator John Helstosky's sunglasses are glaring from the camera's flash in the background.

In the right picture, more unexplained misty-like formations appear on this photograph that was not visible to the naked eye. There was no fog that night.

Of course we are not claiming this to be a ghost or to be spirit energy. We are not sure what it is and further investigative research and work would need to be done before a conclusion can be made.

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