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Here are yet more photographs taken by Orlando with his digital camera at Carousel Garden in Seymour CT. The photos were taken 1 week before Halloween 1999 where we learned that the restaurant was closed for business. Notice the fog like mist to the left of each picture? The two men in the photo are CPRS members, John Helstosky on the left, and Joe Franke on the right. The two "glowing eyes" which were pointed out by someone are actually some dinner lights inside the building which oddly enough were left on for reasons unknown. It was not cold enough to make one's breath visible and there was no fog at the time of the photos were taken.

We are not claiming this to be a ghost or to be spirit energy as there is no way to prove this. We are not sure what it is and further investigative research and work would need to be done before a conclusion can be made. We will leave that determination to the perception of the viewer.

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