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The photo on the left was taken by Joe Franke with his 35 mm camera using a flash and 400 speed film. It was taken Halloween night at a CT cemetery during an investigation performed by three of our investigators. This is not fog or smoke! It was not visible to the naked eye at the time it was taken and like so many other anomalies we don't see it until after the film has been developed. The unexplained anomaly is blurry and it may be because of its close position to the camera lens at the time the photo was taken. The second photo was captured by Orlando Ferrante with his 35mm.

The anomaly could not be seen with the naked eye when the picture was taken, but after the film was developed, strange pockets of energy were caught on film. This happened to be one of the many exposures with strange anomalies that we were fortunate to capture.

We are not claiming this to be a ghost or to be spirit energy as there is no way to prove this. We are not sure what it is and further investigative research and work would need to be done before a conclusion can be made. We will leave that determination to the perception of the viewer.

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