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This photo was taken Halloween night! This photo was taken Halloween night!

These 35mm photographs were taken by Joe Franke at a now reliable cemetery for interesting photography. It was shot with 400 speed film and then scanned by a Mustek scanner into JPG format. The picture was taken when CPRS did a follow-up investigation at the cemetery from the Halloween '98 investigation. Joe said that it was oddly calm and quiet that night and there was no fog or mist. The energy at this cemetery can be felt and has been quite cooperative with our cameras when we're there. CPRS plans a full summer investigation soon.

We are not claiming this to be a ghost or to be spirit energy as there is no way to prove this. We are not sure what it is and further investigative research and work would need to be done before a conclusion can be made. We will leave that determination to the perception of the viewer.

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