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CPRS member Joe Franke took these pictures in November of 1997 at the famous Dudleytown of Cornwall CT during an expedition with fellow member John Helstosky. They both explained that at the very beginning of the hike, their flashlights flickered without any reasonable cause. They had each purchased a fresh set of Duracell batteries prior and have never had anything malfunction with them in the past. They said that they each experienced many “psychic cold spots” in which the temperature felt like it were 15-20 degrees colder. Joe recalls the feeling as through they had walked into a freezer! At one point a tree limb, which was about 1 ½-inches in diameter, had fallen and just grazed Joe’s right shoulder. John recalls an incident where he was hunched over with the flashlight in his mouth checking his camera and he felt as though someone nudged or pushed him from behind as if they were pulling a prank on him. At the time these photos were taken, they were about a mile into the hike when their flashlights flickered again. They began to fear the thought of possibly loosing their light and shot these photos before turning back. There is clear psychic energy in each picture which is commonly known as Ectoplasm. Could this energy be the source of the haunting and other various stories told by many whom have ventured this territory? What do you think? E-MAIL us.


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