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There is a sillouette of a man standing in front of us to the right. He has his right elbow bent upward. Do you see it? This is a digital image taken by Orlando Ferrante on Halloween night 1998 at a haunted Connecticut cemetery. This picture actually has a funny story to it. When we were downloading the digital images to our laptop computer were were viewing the thumbnails that the camera produced, and when we saw this one we quickly thought we had captured the front of one of the investigators. When we viewed the full sized image it was clear that the object was NOT one of us and was actually psychic energy in the shape of a man. Notice the outline of the shoulder and the arm bent upwards in front of it. Also, you can see a different color of Ecto in the shape of legs which are not full and cut off at certain points. This was very close to a full blown apparition and we feel that Orlando was about a fraction of a second away from getting the full blown apparition. Another strange thing about this photo is that the reliable "Wheeler" tombstone is in the background. What do you think? Did we capture an apparition related to the "Wheeler" stone? E-mail us! with your thoughts.

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