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This remarkable photo was taken by CPRS member Orlando Ferrante with his Epson digital camera and flash on Halloween night at a haunted cemetery. There is ectoplasm concentrated to the left of the photo, but there are also many different images within and outside the ectoplasm. The first thing we see is what appears to be a skull peeking through from behind the Ecto in the upper portion of the picture. Its eye sockets are quite defined and chilling. The next thing is the image of a thin man in the outer right side of the ectoplasm. He looks like he has an old western hat. The next thing would be some sort of figure of a star with a circle around it. Also, some have seen a calf's head in front of the skull. There are many others and also the fascinating different colors of Ecto. If you see anything else in this picture, let us know E-mail!


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