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These very interesting photos were taken by two different CPRS members during an investigation at a haunted cemetery in CT. The man centered joined them on the investigation because of his sensitivity to spirits and entities. Prior to these two photos, the man had been seeing sparkles, globs, orbs, and ectoplasm in the view finder of his own camera as well as with his naked eye. CPRS members decided to snap two separate pictures at the same time when the man sensed something upon him. When the man informed them that there an an entity "on him", they each counted to three and snapped a picture from their own cameras. After the film was developed, it appears that only one shot came back with ectoplasm and a small orb floating inside of it. Both cameras used 35mm film and flash and were developed at a One-Hour shop the next day. They were then scanned into .jpg format and posted on the site. The ectoplasm is clearly visible on the negative.

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