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Balls of Energy Blown up shot of the energy

Orlando Ferrante took these photos on one of our investigations of Union Cemetery with a Kodak 35 mm camera using Kodak 200 speed film and flash. Gary Husveth & Jeff Lousberry of New Jersey society of Psychical Research accompanied him in this visit. If you look closely at the first picture you can see ectoplasm balls of energy and one looks to have a tail on it. The picture on the right shows the same picture blown up. Notice the sharp edges on the balls of energy? It looks as if they were behind a tombstone towards the middle of the cemetery. These are not head lamps from an automobile, or an outside spot light of a house. The cent er of this cemetery is very dark and from where Orlando was standing when the photo was taken, the roads are behind him and to the far left. There are no homes directly behind this angle of the shot.


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