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An anomaly sometimes referred to as a "vortex"

This photo was sent in by Carissa's grandmother. Carissa is a little girl who always seems to have some sort of vortex around her whenever a picture is taken. This photo was not taken of her but in the same house. Carissa's grandmother assured us that the camera used did not have a camera strap and she explains: "MY DAUGHTER IN LAW CAME ACROSS IT WHILE LOOKING FOR SOME PICTURES .... IT NEVER CAUGHT HER ATTENTION BEFORE! SHE TOOK IT AFTER A STORAGE AREA HAD BEEN COMPLETED IN THE MASTER BEDROOM OF THE TOWNHOUSE WHERE THEY LIVE. SHE WAS 6 WEEKS PREGNANT WITH CARISSA WHEN SHE TOOK THIS PICTURE...WHICH WOULD PUT IT SOMETIME IN 1993...CARISSA WAS BORN IN JUNE OF 1994."

Could this be the spirit energy of a ghost that dwells in the attic of their home? What do you think?



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