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This photo and story was submitted by Bob Grasso in Florida and he writes:
   I am a teacher with an inquisitive mind re:paranormal activity. I had to find out for myself if all these supposed "ghost" pictures were actually real or contrived. I set out with a 35mm camera loaded with Kodak 400 film (NOT Max) and visited Ft. Lauderdale's oldest cemetery, Evergreen, on New Year's Day night, 1999. There was a full moon out. Time was 8:30 PM. Weather was partly cloudy, temperature at 76 degrees. My skeptical 20-year old son and his friend accompanied me at my prodding. They were witnesses to the fact that fingers and camera strap were well out of the way. I took several pictures over the fence, in particular of a beautiful old but spooky tree. This was near the oldest part of the cemetery. I later found out this was the site of some recent teenage hangings or murders.
   The film was processed the next morning. The roll of 24 exposures was uneventful except for one very clear image: the picture of the old tree. I absolutely could not believe what I saw! The photo processors got goose bumps when they saw it. It clearly shows an orb in motion with swirling ectoplasm, coming right up to my face and moving across the camera. The lab specified this was no film glitch nor finger or strap. The camera had simply photographed an anomaly that appeared in front of it.
   Please examine this picture carefully...analyze it...scrutinize it. I believe it's one of the best examples of an entity on film (at least the best I've taken so far). I am presently investigating further to see whose ghost this may be but I felt it was friendly. I welcome all comments! As for me, there is no doubt. I have all the proof I need to know that yes, there is some kind of existence after death.


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