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This photo was sent in by IGHS member Bob Grasso of Florida. He explains:

  This photo was taken at Forest Ridge battlefield and burial grounds in Davie, Florida on January 23, 1999. This land dates back 5,000 years ago according to recent archeological finds. Weather was partly cloudy, time was 8:30 P.M. A 35 mm camera with Kodak 1000 speed film was used. IGHS rules were strictly followed.
   The boy in this picture experienced a "clothesline" type of hold the day before near this same area. He was abruptly stopped...but nobody was seen. What makes this picture interesting is the way this bright orb near his head appears to be following him. If you look closely, there seems to be a tiny orb directly over his head as well. We both felt a presence in this area.
   This photograph represents the first effort in an ongoing investigation of this historical area.

We hope to hear more from Bob in the future. Thanks Bob!

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