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Ghostly Fingerprints on the powder residue This is a photo taken by Brenda Pacheco in San Antonio TX at the site of the Haunted Railroad Tracks. The picture shows a tiny hand print in the Talc powder of Brenda's car, and Brenda's hand print to the left used as scale. The strange phenomenon which occurs here is that if a car is stopped before the tracks and is left in neutral, an energy will push the idle car up a small hill and over the railroad tracks! Brenda decided to try it out after seeing a segment presented by SIGHTINGS which aired not too long ago. She stopped the car before the tracks, and cleaned the surface of the car with a rag and then sprinkled talc powder all over the rear of the vehicle. She sat and waited in the car and experienced the phenomenon herself as the car was pushed up and over the tracks and stopped safely on the other side. During the phenomenon, Brenda claims to have heard children all around her and a deep sadness fell upon her. Two things which stand out here. 1) Notice the size of the hand print to the right as opposed to the left one which Brenda left. It definitely appears to be smaller in size as quite possibly a child's print. 2) Notice that the smaller print on the right is embedded in the talc. Brenda's print took the talc powder off with it! If you would like to read more in detail of the occurrence, click here!


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