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This exciting photo was sent in by viewer Jonathan Bond and he explains;

I'm a photographer living in Northern Ireland, recently I photographed this grave in a local cemetery near my home in Ballynahinch,a small village in Ireland. It was taken around down, with very low light coming from the left of  the me and the photograph, whatever it is I believe could not be accountable to lens flare, as my Nikon F60 have a uv filter on the lens, and a flare cover, and with that camera I have never experienced any evidence of ant light leakage in the film plane. The used Ilford 400ISO 35mm film, bought the day before. When processing and developing the photograph at home I noticed a strange shape at the bottom right, seeming to me to be a arm shape, I developed the same negative 6 times, in 2 separate darkrooms and enlargers with the same results, with no development techniques, just a straight print, every time with the same results. When I was at the graveyard myself I didn't notice any casting of light, nor anything that could cause this shape to show on my negative.

This could be psychic energy, but without further investigation and analysis it's hard to really say for sure. It's always amazing when you can capture this type of energy in the daytime. Good job Jonathan!



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