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This photo was sent in by a viewer an was taken on Halloween night in her front yard. She explains: My name is Sandi, the picture you are about to see was taken by my daughter in my front yard on or near Halloween. The graveyard you see (made of pieces of painted foam) are just a small part of our display, we have a lot of fun with it. The foggy areas were not part of it and were not visible to the naked eye and they were quite a surprise when the pictures came back. Unfortunately, none of my other night pictures turned out. This is a very good example of ectoplasm and it's unpredictability. We e-mailed the viewer back and asked if anyone around the camera were smoking or if the temperature was low enough to visually produce human breath, and she verified that there was nobody smoking and the temperature was not low enough. We cannot verify what this is without further investigation of the premises or the camera.


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