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Do you see a face in the mirror behind this elderly couple? This photo was sent in by a viewer and she writes: I would like to share this picture of my mom and dad. If you look in the mirror you will see some one standing there...look really close there is a baby who also was killed from the mothers boyfriend, and a picture of my nephew who was killed in Germany 1979.   If you look on the other side of my mother you
will see someone who is sitting there.  Thanks, Janet

We see what appears to be a man in the mirror wearing a dark jacket or vest and a white collared shirt which is buttoned down. We lightened this photo a bit and you can make out that the man has dark hair. But, because the photo is in such poor resolution we cannot be certain if we see the baby. Further investigative work would need to be done to validate this photo. If you would like to comment to Janet, E-MAIL her!



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