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Can you see the noose hanging to the right and the ghostly outline of an old woman? There is also the ghost of the little boy all the way to the left. See it?

This remarkable photo was sent in by a viewer and he explains:

"The story is that of a child who died in this old house a while ago. The grandmother was taking care of this child and she was so distraught after the child's sudden tragic death, that she hung herself in the attic. The viewer explains: This picture was taken when Greg (the guy I work with) was house shopping with his sister. They knew nothing of this story prior to this photo and they asked the owners if someone had died in the house after having the pictures developed and seeing this strange anomaly in the mirror. The owners then proceeded to tell the whole story to them in it's entirety. They explained that they were trying to keep this quiet because they felt the price of the house may drop if people thought the house was haunted."

The viewer says he scanned the photo from a genuine 35mm photo and it is very real. He only questions the source of the photo. After viewing the photo, it is very clear that this is a result of the camera's flash directly into the mirror. But what is very interesting is the strange coincidence of the shapes that are created by the flash. Look closely at the blown up photo to the right. Notice how one of the anomalies strongly resembles a noose to the right of the photo? Also, slightly to the left of the "noose", it appears that another strange anomaly has formed in the shape of an old woman! Farther left is another shape which some feel resemble a small child. Strange coincidence? Just a reflection? We think it's pretty strange how these shapes resemble the facts of the story. We have not examined the negative, but the viewer assures us that he did not alter this in any way. What do you think?


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