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We're not sure if there is a camera strap on this camera We're not sure if there is a camera strap on this camera

These two great photos were sent in by a viewer and they say:

Hello Gents,
I've only recently discovered your site, and it has renewed a long dormant interest in the unknown. Here is some stuff that happened in the central Connecticut area. A friend of mine died almost exactly three years ago; Mike was only 21 and died somewhat tragically in his girlfriend's home (she is also a friend of mine to this day). A few days ago, upon telling her of my renewed interest in ghosts, she lit up and began to tell me of the strange haps at her place ever since Joe died. The usual unusual stuff: frigid cold spots, drapes blowing on their own, she often heard
footsteps too, and felt them vibrate the house, sometimes right beside her. Another odd thing she told me is that she had very vivid dreams about him that consumed her sleep and didn't allow her restful sleep. She would wake up believing that he was still alive, and would feel his presence in the bed. Mike and Sally also have two children, twins actually. Amy feels that Mike has somehow been communicating with them also. Well, all this was happening up until about a year ago. Amy went to
talk to someone at some "new age" crystal and incense shop. Luckily the girl she spoke with was rather well versed in such matters. She helped Amy communicate with Mike, and tell somehow put him at peace. The strange occurrences then ceased. Fun story you say, but where's the proof? Well, in the years after Mike's demise, Amy had a number of birthday parties and Christmases with he kids. And of about 100 or so photos, around 20 have some very strange anomalies, vortexes (vortices?), orbs, and other whacked out stuff I've never seen before. I've attached two of the photos, and have many more that I will get in a few days. Some of which I would appreciate some help with identifying what is on them.

If there is truly no strap on the camera I would say this is certainly an interesting photo.


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