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These very interesting photos were sent in by one of our viewers and she explains: 

"I am wondering if you could look at two photos I am attaching. These photos were taken by my son, Travis, and his girlfriend, Blue, on a road trip to Northern California. The picture of Blue, (with dark glasses and blue coat), was taken in front of an old club in Berkeley, CA on Gilmore Street. The picture of Travis was taken the next day in San Francisco. Blue says that she has never had any supernatural experiences, but Travis had his first ghost experience at age four."

There is what appears to be some sort of mist at the bottom of the first picture. The second photo is really fascinating in that the mist object seems to have taken a "dagger" shape. It is too difficult to say for sure what this is simply for the reason that we would need to do further investigative work to determine what this is. Nice photos though.


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