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Strange Black figure in motion in the background

This photo was sent in by a female viewer on campus at Western Connecticut State University in Danbury CT. The black & white picture was taken by a computer webcam while the two people were messing around. The object behind them was not visible by either of them on the computer's monitor when the webcam took this photo. She writes the following:

“We had just come back into our room and it was about 1245 am. This was the first of many pictures we took that night.  The next couple pictures, taken within the same 5 minutes, at the same angle show nothing in the background except for the shelves and drawers.  Even on the calendar, there is a pen that should have a black top but it covered by this figure.”

We analyzed this photo and it seems to us like there is a little boy, about 10-12 years old, trying either to get into, or out of this picture. If you look closely, you can see facial features, dark short hair, dark top and possibly his forearm and hand behind the girl. We have heard from various people that the campus of WestConn is possibly haunted by ghosts but we have never have been asked to investigate. CPRS is doing some research on the history of the school and it's property to see if we find anything interesting. We'd like to conduct a formal investigation with permission of the school. Perhaps this photo will spark their interest as well.


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