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Updated 03-22-2013 -
In this section viewers get the opportunity to have their photographs posted to share with other interested viewers. If you have photos which you feel may be of paranormal nature, or you are just not sure, please e-mail them to us in .JPG or .BMP format and we'll look at them and possibly display them on this site giving you full credit! 

NOTE: These photos are not posted or to be considered as Evidence. They are not property of CPRS and were not taken by any of our investigators. CPRS CANNOT AND WILL NOT AUTHENTICATE THE PHOTOS AS BEING GENUINE OR UNALTERED. We simply post these photos at the user's request with the viewer's word that they are authentic as their goal is to share with other viewers. Please view the photographs with the above statement in mind and use your best judgment. Comments are always welcome however we ask that you please be respectful and will not tolerate any Rude, or Insulting comments. Thank you.

Updated 05-07-2010 Photos
Mist & Cory St. Patrick's Spirit?
Motorcycle Mist Strange Mist
  WestConn Black Figure

African Mist Grave Site Energy Moving Orb
Attic Vortex Green Manifestation Rods of Light
Boy and Vortex Guntown Mist Strange Vortex
Bus Station Vortex Halloween Mist Surprise Vortex
Dining Room Anomaly Halloween Mist 2

Tombstone Mist

Evergreen Cemetery Halloween Vortex Travis' Ghost?
Fireman's Ghost? Honeymoon Vortex Unexplained Mist
Forest Ridge Battlefield Hookman Cemetery Mist Union Cemetery Mist
Future World Mist Man in the Mirror Vortex Photos
Ghostly Fingerprints Mills Cemetery Mist Wedding Light
Ghostly Fingerprints 2 Mist in My Home Wedding Vortex
Grandpa's Vortex Mirrored Ghost White Vortex

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