Last updated 10/24/2016 - This section provides a listing of some of the most haunted houses or places in the world. We are currently building this section and hope it will continue to grow. If you know of a haunted house which does not appear on this page, please E-mail us and we'll do the research to provide the information.

Bobby Mackey's - The well known haunted Honky-Tonk in Wilder Kentucky.
Borely Rectory - this is one of the most haunted houses in England!
Bara Hack CT - Located off Rt.97 in Pomfret, the lost village of Bara-hack.
Dudleytown - Haunted location near Cornwall Connecticut.
Brown Lady of Raynham - famous photo of an apparition of a woman on stairs.
Ghost of Lincoln - paranormal photos of Lincoln that were proven to be fake.
Levitating Brick - a photographer caught a brick levitating on film.
Old Nana's Here! - the picture of a young boy shows a ghostly apparition of what could be his Grandmother.
Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado. Famous hotel that the movie "The Shining" was filmed.
The Phantoms of Flight 401 - This is a true event where a motion picture was created based on the facts and experiences of many people.
Three Men and a Baby - the famous story of "Three Men and a Baby" haunting.
The RMS Queen Mary "The Gray Ghost" - A haunted a retired ocean liner permanently docked in the calm clear waters of Long Beach, California.
Vulture Mine - Vulture City Arizona

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