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Bara Hack - Located off Rt.97 in Pomfret CT. The lost village of Bara-hack, often referred to as the “village of ghostly voices”, lies eerily dormant deep within the woods of northeastern Connecticut.The village was founded and first settled in 1790 by the two Welsh settlers Obadiah Higginbotham and John Randall. They named the town “bara-hack”, a Welsh term meaning “breaking of bread”.
 Today Bara-hack is little more than an overgrown cow path. It’s remains include some old stone foundations, cellar holes and a graveyard. Those that have dared to venture into the lost village have reported hearing disembodied voices, the laughter of children and the rumble of a horse-drawn carriage traveling along a ghostly road. We do not recommend anyone go to Bara-hack. The village lies within the boundaries of private property that is sufficiently dotted with the occasional “No Trespassing” signs.

Foundation remains at Bara Hack


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