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Bobby Mackey's Music World - Wilder Kentucky


Located in Wilder Kentucky, the building known as Bobby Mackey's Music World was a former slaughter house back in the 1800’s. In 1896 an infamous satanic murder of Pearl Bryan occurred on the property. The grisly crime was committed by two men named Alonzo Walling & Scott Jackson as part of a satanic ritual. Pearl Bryan’s headless body was recovered, but her head was never found. Many believed that the men who killed her disposed of the head down the drain where blood from the slaughter house used to drain into a nearby river. Alonzo Walling & Scott Jackson were hung for the murder of Pearl Bryan on March 21, 1897. With his last words on the gallows behind the Campbell County Courthouse – located near the slaughterhouse – Walling vowed to return and haunt the property and torment his executioners. There were some articles in the Kentucky Post which claimed that both Walling & Jackson were offered life sentences if they would disclose the location of Pearl’s head but they refused due to fears of sparking the wrath of Satan.

There is a natural well on the property inside of the former slaughter house that many believe is a portal to the dark side. In fact, Douglas Hensley referred to this well in his book called Hell’s Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey’s Music World, “The Gateway to Hell”. The ghosts of Pearl Bryan, Alonzo Walling & Scott Jackson, as well as other people who have died untimely deaths on the property have been witnessed by many people at Bobby Mackey's throughout the years. Pearl Bryan’s ghost specifically has always been seen as headless. During the 1950’s, the building was turned into an illegal gambling casino called the “Latin Quarter” run by alleged mobsters. The daughter of one of the mobsters committed suicide by poisoning herself after learning that her father was involved in her boyfriend, and club singer, Robert Randall’s death. The daughter’s name was Johana, and Bobby Mackey wrote a famous song which was based on this young cabaret dancer’s life and death. He fittingly named the song Johana. Country singer Bobby Mackey purchased the property back in 1978 and renovated it into the Music World and nightclub. Bobby Mackey’s wife, Janet Mackey, claims to have been pushed down a flight of stairs by an unseen force and to this day she has a very hard time talking about the events that occurred there specifically what happened to her. According to sworn affidavits, paranormal events that are often witnessed are usually followed by the strong smell of rose perfume that some believe Johana used to wear. Other strange occurrences consist of the Juke Box going off by itself playing songs from the 1930’s that are not even in the machine at all. One of the more often songs that are heard playing from the Juke Box is “The Anniversary Waltz”. Chairs have often been witnessed to have been moved by unseen forces while people’s names have been called when nobody is around.

Bobby Mackey to this day still refuses to believe anything paranormal exists in or on the property. However, after witnessing the video tape of Carl Lawson’s exorcism, Bobby Mackey decided he wanted to tear down the old slaughter house and build a new Music World when he purchased the adjacent property to the one standing. However, the property he purchased was deemed “useless” after it was discovered that a large fissure about 6 inches wide and 60 feet deep was mysteriously discovered on the property that was tied into the well of the other property. Carl Lawson passed away January 27, 2012 at the age of 53. The new club was never built and Bobby Mackey still regularly sings the ballad of “Johana” at the original Bobby Mackey’s Music World in Wilder Kentucky.

Paranormal Investigations

Paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Nick Groff, and Aaron Goodwin conducted a paranormal investigation at Bobby Mackey’s Music World back in 2008 for the television show “Ghost Adventures” which aired on the Travel Channel shortly after. Some very fascinating paranormal evidence was captured during this investigation as well as personal experiences by all three investigators that could not be explained. Based upon their personal experiences and the evidence that was captured each one of the investigators truly believe that the property is haunted by some unseen force or forces that could be demons and or evil spirits. A second investigation at the same location was conducted by all three investigators once again back in 2010 and it also was filmed by the crew for the show “Ghost Adventures” which aired on the Travel Channel October 1, 2010. The episode was named "Return to Bobby Mackey's: Wilder, Kentucky". Each investigator claim that whatever is at Bobby Mackey’s had a serious impact on their lives after both investigations to the point where they felt “it” followed them home. Zak Bagans captured an EVP of a spirit threatening him by saying what sounds like “I’m gonna kill Zak”. Shortly there after, Zak needed to have a spiritual cleansing by Bishop James Long because he believed to have experienced a “spirit attachment” by one of the evil spirits that reside at Bobby Mackey’s. Aaron Goodwin and his ex-wife believe to this day that the spirits from Bobby Mackey’s had an impact on their relationship & marriage that led to their divorce. Nick Groff captured an EVP of a threatening spirit which said “I’m gonna kill your wife”. Because of this EVP and his experiences, he promised his wife he’d never step foot in Bobby Mackey’s again because she, as well as Nick, felt that Nick acted different after being there.

I have never been to Bobby Mackey's Music world, and I'm not sure I ever want to...but I can tell you this, I have experienced threatening spirits and these types things are no joke. For those who are skeptics, or just do not believe in this type of thing, all I can tell you is that ...May God be with you if an evil spirit attachment ever does occur. Because they are very dangerous as they can destroy lives, and are very difficult to get rid of. Also keep in mind that there are no guarantees that you will get rid of a spirit attachment. In my case, it chose to go after my family instead of me. I was fortunate to have resources and strong faith to rid this spirit from mine and my family's lives...some of you may not be so lucky. -Orlando



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