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Dudleytown - Dudleytown is located in northwest Connecticut within the small towns of Cornwall and Cornwall Bridge. This small hamlet is part of a 750 acre forest owned by Dark Entry Forest, Inc., which is comprised of local residents who, for more than 80 years, have owned and maintained the land as a nature preserve. Dudleytown has long been revered as being haunted. CPRS has conducted several investigations at this location through the years producing some interesting results. However; much more research needs to be done if we are to find conclusive evidence of the existence of paranormal activity. We are encouraged by the photos and information that we have gotten so far, but we would love to be given the opportunity to do further research. Unfortunately, given the current circumstances, it looks as though that is an extremely remote possibility.
   To reiterate, Dudleytown is located on private property. It is not open to the public. We do not recommend that anyone try to go there because you will be subject to a fine or arrest. Because of our respect for the privacy of the residents of DEF and the preservation of the land, CPRS will not offer maps or directions to this location. Below we have provided a public statement released by Dark Entry Forest, Inc. of Connecticut in 2001.

"Dark Entry Forest, Inc. is privately owned land, which is posted thoroughly with “No Trespassing” and “No Parking” signs on all roadways leading into the area known as Dudleytown. Dudleytown is not on state property, nor is it in a state forest; therefore this property is not open to the public.

The Connecticut State Police and Department of Environmental Protection Officers will continue to patrol and strictly enforce all trespassing and illegal parking laws and regulations. The owners of Dark Entry Forest, Inc. will seek the arrest and prosecution of all trespassers to the full extent of the law. Additionally, parking is prohibited on the roads leading into Dark Entry Forest and owners will be ticketed and vehicles will be towed should they be blocking vehicular traffic and/or driveways.

This year Law Enforcement Officers have been summoned 79 times to the Dark Entry Forest area, resulting in arrests for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, illegal parking and littering. We will also assist the police by obtaining vehicle registration numbers and photographing them for evidence in citizen complaints.

Dark Entry Forest, Inc. regrets having to take these measures, but we are dedicated to the preservation of our fragile woodlands, as well as our own peace and tranquility.

In conjunction with this News Release, the Connecticut Forest and Parks Association will close a section of the Mohawk Trail to the public for seven days, from the Dark Entry Road entrance to the Cornwall Village entrance, beginning Saturday, October 27. The trail will re-open Monday, November 5, 2001."


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