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Updated 10/03/09- This section was developed for the purpose of allowing you, the viewer, to post your own stories or experiences with the Paranormal along with a few of OUR own. If you have had an unusual experience which you feel is psychical, E-mail us and we'll post it with anonymity for the viewers to read.

12 Year Haunting - A woman experienced paranormal events in a span of 12 years.
1996 Air Disaster - An eerie glimpse into the future from one of Orlando's dreams.
A Child's Sixth Sense - A little boy's sixth sense allows him to witness a visit from his Grandfather.
A Ghost in Greenwich Village - A ghost haunts a house in Greenwich Village N.Y.
A Sign from Dad - A father's ghost tries to communicate with his daughter.
A Truly Haunted House - A spirit torments a family in the comfort of their own home.
A Visit from Cindy-Sue - The spirit of a young girl appears to a man while he drives.
A Visit from Mr. Death - A woman recalls seeing a dark entity when she was very young.
Believe it or Not - A family experiences apparitions and other paranormal events in a California home.
Black Magic - A young woman dabbles with Black Magic and gets terrified.
Boys and Guns - A warning of futuristic events through one of Orlando's dreams.
Brooklyn Disaster - A viewer shares his premonition of an airline disaster in N.Y.
Cindy Came Back - A viewer is visited by the spirit of a close friend.
Columbian Air Crash - An eerie dream of a futuristic disaster from a viewer.
Dudleytown The Story - Historical events that give clues to the reason for paranormal events at this location.
Eric's Friend - Another one of Orlando's futuristic dreams come true.
"Ghosts...are they real?" - Viewer describes paranormal events that occur after a Ouija Board is used.
Ghost Boy of Minnesota - The spirit of a young boy haunts a family in their Minnesota home.
Grandma's Ghost - A mischievous ghost at a viewer's Grandmother's house haunts a viewer.
Grandma Told Him Goodbye - A loving grandmother visits her 3 year-old Grandchild to say goodbye
Haunted House in Salem - A house in Salem Mass. becomes the center of a paranormal disturbance.
Jillian's Ghost - A woman's daughter is terrorized by a menacing entity.
Mom Knew - A woman receives a message from her mother telepathically while she is in distress.
My Brother's Death - A woman foresees her brother's possible death.
My Covers Were Pulled Off - A ghost pulls the covers off of a man while he tries to sleep.
My Discovered Sixth Sense - A viewer shares their discovery of a sixth sense through personal experiences.
My Encounter with the Other Side - A man loses a girlfriend to an accident with a drunk driver.
My Neighbor's Warning - CPRS Co-founder, Orlando, receives a warning from a deceased neighbor in a dream.
My Ouija Experience - A viewer shares their experience with a Ouija Board.
No Prom that Night - A Police Officer experiences the Paranormal on duty.
Ouija Board at Grandma's - A viewer shares an experience with the Ouija Board.
Painful Dreams - A woman has dreams predicting tragic events for her family members.
Pakistan Ghost Story - A viewer describes a ghostly encounter in his native land of Pakistan.
Princess Diana - An eerie glimpse into the future from CPRS Co-founder Orlando that comes true.
Saved by a Guardian Angel - A viewer recalls past events and warnings from a Guardian Angel.
Shores of Westbrook - Chilling haunting events at a Westbrook Connecticut home depicted by a viewer.
The Carla Moran Story - The true story that inspired the Hollywood motion picture "The Entity".
The Easton Witch - A woman's family is being haunted by the ghost of a Witch in an Easton CT home.
The Evil Laundry Room - A woman describes paranormal events in her laundry room.
The Farmhouse - A woman depicts haunting events at a farmhouse in southern Maryland.
The Ghost in My Window - A woman tells of a spirit that haunts a home in Florida.
The Ghost of a Soldier - A viewer is awakened only to see the ghost of a soldier standing at the foot of her bed.
The Haunted Railroad Tracks - A viewer's account of ghostly activity at a well known haunted area in Texas.
The Haunted Real Estate - A realtor describes a haunting of one of her listings.
The Haunting - A viewer experiences paranormal disturbances in their home.
The Helpful Ghost - A story of a ghost that lends a helping hand.
The Hooded Robe Ghost - A hooded ghost haunts a female viewer as she sleeps.
The House on Church Street - A house is the center of a haunting and is discovered to be on an Indian Burial ground.
The Ouija Board - CPRS Co-founder, Orlando, recounts the events of a Ouija Board session in 1986.
The Phantoms of Flight 401 - True story about commercial flights that are haunted by pilots that were killed years ago.
The Wiccan Experience - A woman describes here experiences with Wicca.
The Witch in His Room - A young boy is afraid to play in his room because of the presence of a spirit he thinks is a witch.
The World Trade Center Bombing - CPRS Co-founder, Orlando, has a futuristic dream about a bomb that detonates in the World Trade Center.

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