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I moved into my home in June of 1985 and it wasn't long after that before I came to realize my house was haunted by not only one, but by several ghosts. Shortly after I moved in as I lay in bed sleeping, I would be awakened by someone's hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me. When I woke up, it was to the sounds of footsteps walking up and down my hallway. They would walk slowly four times back and forth. It was easy to hear because I had hardwood floors. I would get up and look down the hallway and there would be no one there. This event would take place every night at 2:30 AM just like clockwork. I started sleeping with my two dogs in the bedroom and I would keep the door locked and. every night I would wake up to the sounds of my dogs growling at the footsteps. I would just lay there in bed praying they would just go away. Eventually I moved my bedroom to the other end of the house, which was the den, and I carpeted the hallway, hoping that would keep me from hearing what wasn't there. I would go to bed, lock my door and turn on the TV and I wouldn't go into the rest of the house until morning. Well one night I got up and needed a drink of water and as I walked into the living room I saw a woman walking down my hallway, she was in solid form and she walked away from walking the hall and they described her exactly as I. Since then several people have witnessed another woman always standing in the living room by the entrance until she disappeared into the darkness. I never spoke about what I had seen, until 3 months later when two girls saw the same woman in the hallway. I have also seen a man walk by the kitchen door and my husband saw a tall large man standing beside our bed. So to this day several have witnessed at least four ghosts in the house and the paranormal events that take place here are amazing. I do know that the ghost that walks the hallway still does to this day every night at 2:30 AM. I have taken several photos and I do have an audiotape of the footsteps in the hallway. It baffles me as to why there are so many ghosts here, unless it has something to do with the property that my house is built on. I am still researching as much as possible on the history of the house and the surrounding property. Until I discover any unknown facts that I have yet to turn up the Haunting and the Ghosts that live here will remain a mystery. This is based on true events that have taken place in my home.



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