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This was a dream, that actually turned out to be more of a premonition and it occurred in the summer of 1993. The setting in the dream was the summer of 1996 which made this dream very unusual because I never dream of precise dates like this. In the dream, my wife and I were visiting her mother, who lived in New Haven Connecticut. She lived in a huge apartment building with many floors and it was about a quarter of a mile away from the nearest beach. We had just spent most of the day there, and it was about sundown when I decided that it was getting late and we should be going.  I suggested to my wife that we needed to get back home before it got too late and she agreed. As my wife said her good-byes, I walked to retrieve our car in a Parking Garage across the way. As I was walking to the garage I began to hear a deep rumbling in the sky. I looked, but didn't see anything. The intense sound strengthened and I knew it was the sound of jet turbines. I also noticed that it was coming from the area of the beach and that people around me began to panic as they started to run towards the shore. I followed the crowd with curiosity and when I stood on the beach I remember looking up and seeing a huge 747 Jumbo jet , flying unusually low and very loud. Standing in the sand of the beach, with the water about 5 feet away, I saw the 747 fly directly over my head and a little farther out towards the water. All of a sudden there was a flash and the jet exploded. Pieces of the burning plane came crashing down into the water. A horrible feeling came over me as I thought something very terrible had happened and I remember saying to myself with certainty…"nobody survived that explosion". I also remember feeling the heat of the fiery pieces of the plane as they fell into the ocean.... That's when the dream ended and I woke up in a cold sweat. The feeling I got was that there was something very wrong with this event and it didn't seem like "just an accident". Also, it was very unusual that I could produce a date and see the details of such a horrible explosion. The fact that this happened three years into the future was eerie enough.

Commentary: On July 17, 1996 at 8:41 PM, TWA (Jumbo jet 747) flight 800 exploded about 10 minutes after takeoff from La Guardia Airport over the Long Island sound. No survivors were found or expected. Cause of the crash is still unknown to this date, although it has been speculated that an empty center fuel tank accumulated fuel vapors and then exploded due to faulty wiring. Many have challenged this theory and others claim to have seen a mysterious leading fireball before the explosion. I can't get over the empty feeling as I watched the news cast as I thought to myself that I had seen this crash three years ago.


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