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This is a true story. My 7 year-old son has always shown signs of seeing things that others cannot. “Imaginary friends”, “witches in his room”, and not being able to stay in a room by himself are just to name a few. But nothing was more evident than what happened one night in the spring of 1998. My son has nightmares just like any ordinary kid his age, but this particular night convinced me that he may have a special gift.

We lived with my parents and shared a raised ranch at the time of this event. My parents were on the second floor and we lived on the first floor. It was around 8:30PM on a school night and the kids had all been put to bed. My 7 year-old did not want to go to bed that evening and was trying every stalling method he knew. After a short while, he finally fell asleep and my wife and I decided to call it a night. It was around 3AM when my wife and I were awakened by the screaming or yelling from one of the kids. I asked my wife which one of the boys is awake and she told me that it was the 7 year-old having a nightmare and that she would take care of it. I quickly dismissed the incident and fell back asleep as my wife went into the other room to investigate. The next morning we did our normal business as usual as if nothing had happened. The kids said their good-byes and they ran off to school bus. My wife and I were alone, so I asked her what had happened with the yelling or screaming the night before. She then told me that our son was having a nightmare that an old man with gray hair was standing over the crib and looking at our newborn while he lay there sleeping. He told her that the gray haired man then leaned over and picked up the baby and held him. It was then that our 7 year old began yelling or screaming at the man and demanding that he put his baby brother down and leave him alone. When the man didn’t respond, our second oldest began to cry and scream. My son told my wife that the man would not put him down and that he felt he would take his little brother with him. I didn’t think much of the dream and figured it was just a strange nightmare and that was that. It was getting late for work and it was also “garbage day”, so I yelled upstairs and asked my mother if she had any garbage to be thrown out. She calmly looked at me and said, “You are not going to believe what I dreamt about last night”. I have not seen my mother with a more serious look in her eyes like I did that morning when she told me of her unbelievable experience. She said that she had dreamt about my grandfather (on my Dad’s side) who passed away in 1971 from lung cancer. She explained that in the dream she and my father were upstairs and in the living room when she walk passed the front door and noticed that it had been left wide open. She then said she began scolding my father for leaving the door open. She said that she went to shut the door when all of a sudden my grandfather walked into the room slowly. He was carrying and holding a baby in his arms. She said that he had this wonderful shining glow of happiness as he approached her with the baby. My mother said that she was frozen and could not move as he walked closer to her all the time smiling like he had never done before. My grandfather then told my mother that the baby was beautiful. As he handed the baby back to her, he said "tell him (my 7 year-old) that I didn’t mean to scare him or mean any harm to the baby". He said he was sorry if he upset anyone. My mother said that she took the baby from my grandfather and recognized him as my newborn son. She stood there holding my son, shocked, confused and at a loss for words, as she watched my grandfather walk out of the room. My jaw just dropped as the pieces to the puzzle just came together. I explained the dream that my 7 year-old had just hours ago and it all made perfect sense. It appears that he may have witnessed a visit from my grandfather.

What made this really interesting was that after a couple of days I asked my son to describe the old man he saw in his nightmare. I then showed him a few pictures of my grandfather. My son looked at them and then told me, “he looked like him daddy!” My family and I hardly ever talk about my grandfather because I was about 5 years old when he passed. So, I would rule out the possibility of his name coming up in a topic of discussion as the reason for these dreams. How odd and unusual is it for two people to dream of the same thing on a given night about something or someone which they either do not know or have not even thought about for many years? This incident, along with the many others, leads me to believe that my son may have a sixth sense.



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