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My dear father recently passed on.  Out of desperation, I spoke with a medium. Upon contact with my dad, the medium replied "He's showing me arrows", I said, "Arrows, why, what do the arrows mean?", She said, "I have no idea, but he is showing me these arrows, just look for arrows, they mean something to him".  So I basically dismissed that, they had no meaning, I couldn't apply them to any relation to my dad.  He wasn't a bow hunter.  I couldn't figure it out for the life of me.

I have to give you a brief background for you to capture the situation.  My father was a car enthusiast. He loved classic cars, unique cars, and kept his cars in mint condition.  He used to get upset when he'd go into my car.  I smoke, and he used to ask me "How can you even see out your windshield?"..."When was the last time you cleaned them?"..."Please take better care of your cars".  So he was real anal about clean cars.  My father also had a great sense of humor, dry but witty, and very charming. To make a long story short, after dropping my mom off from going to the show, I backed out of her driveway, and was on my way home. As I was driving, the lights from cars and streetlights were hitting my windshield.  I went down this dimly lit road where the lighting reflecting off my windshield and I noticed marks, like someone took their finger and was drawing on my windshield.  I pulled over quickly, because I was so shook up, I knew right away what they were.  They were arrows! Three months after the medium told me to look for arrows, there they were.  They were drawn in sequence, going up and down my windshield on the drivers left side of the windshield.  >>>>>>>>>> That's what they looked like with the tail attached to complete the arrow.  I screamed with excitement, that was my dad sending me a message, don't know what, I assume he was telling me to stay on the right track, or you're heading in the right direction…something positive anyway.  AND, of course, my father's sense of humor was evident, and obvious to the point where he knows me.  He came to me with those arrows, and drew them on my smoke-filmed windshield reminding me that he knows I am not cleaning them.  I laughed out loud at the same time tears were streaming down my face.

I didn't want to touch the arrows, although at first I thought they were on the outside. I tried to wash them off to see if they would disappear, and they didn't.  They were definitely drawn on the inside. What's even more mind boggling to me is that aside from the arrows, white cloud-like traces were left behind.  I'll never wash my windshield.  These arrows comfort me everyday, and give me hope that there is life after death.



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