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Hi. My name is Jessica. I'm 17 and now live in Jackson, MS. This story isn't much but it scared me to death at the time. About a year ago, I was with two of my friends one night. They were really into black magic and I was trying to talk them into letting me be in it also. They drove me out to this place which was supposed to be satanic ground. We built a fire and turned out backs to it and continued talking. They were talking about how they didn't want me in it because it was too dangerous. I gave it up there. My back started to get cold and I saw that the fire went out. We sat there making jokes about demons and Satan. We were laughing and having a good time. My friend turned around and his eyes got really wide. I couldn't figure out what he was staring at. I turned around to see that the fire had come back to life and the flames were about 2 feet high. We all jumped up and ran to the car. Most people that I tell the story to say that the fire must have not been all the way out but I know for a fact that it was out. There was nothing but ashes when it went out. No coals were burning or anything. It pretty much freaked me out that I stayed away from any type of magic.


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