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The dream was strange and happened February, 1995. I was in the dream, but I was looking through someone else's eyes. I could not see who this person was though I felt he was a male. I could see myself (this person) luring my oldest son and his cousin, to the shed in the back yard of my house. From there, this person whom I could see through their eyes, began to mislead the boys into thinking that he was their friend. When the boys were not paying attention, this person pulled out a handgun and shot them both. Terrified and shaken I woke up. I wasn't sure what to make of the dream, if it was a warning of some sort or just a crazy dream. That morning when my wife woke up, I didn't tell her about the dream, but I did tell her before I left for work to be careful with my son & his cousin and guns. My father has a couple of licensed firearms upstairs and I felt maybe the dream had something to do with that.

Outcome: Three days later, my wife's sister, who is the mother of my son's cousin, called to tell us that a boy (age unknown) in the same condominium village as she lived was arrested for hiding guns in the pool outhouse. The pool and outhouse are located in the back of the village and out of plain's view. Although some contents of the dream were not accurate, I feel that the main concept or purpose was to warn that something of this nature would of, and could of happened.


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