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Let me begin by introducing myself; my name is Alan; born and raised in the garden spot of the world, Brooklyn N. Y. I'm 48yrs. old and from time to time in my life I would have dreams that would come true the next day. Because I fear the sometimes out of body feeling that would also occur, I've learned to forget how. I had a dream when I was 10yrs. old about another little boy who was then 12. There was a plane crash in Brooklyn that occurred on Dec. 16, 1960. The night before I dreamed the entire disaster in every excruciating detail even knowing the extent of his injuries and the fact he would die. Luckily, I told my family of my very real like dream or nobody would believe it. For over 35 years I've been haunted by this experience and feel a certain closeness to this little boy. Recently I found his story and picture on the Internet and it was the same face I knew in my dream 38 years ago. Needless to say I fear flying, and I really still have not come to terms with this experience, which was terribly frightening for a 10 year old boy, alone in the knowledge that while everyone was happy he at least survived. I knew that the only survivor of the United Airlines DC-8 crash ,little Steven Baltz, would eventually succumb to his injuries.

Read all about the details on this tragic crash by clicking on this link, Accident Description, courtesy of Aviation Safety Network. A "thank you" goes out to Andrew Rigby for emailing us and pointing out that the date in this story was incorrect. It was not on Dec. 12 1960, it was actually Dec. 16, 1960. Thank you, Andrew.


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