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On October 17th 1998, at 12:50 AM, I received a phone call from Cindy's brother Marty. He called to tell me Cindy had a heart attack and that she was on her way to the hospital and that Shirley and I had better get there to see her. At first I thought Cindy would be alright, at least I tried to hope that she would, but as we entered the hospital's Emergency Room, we were then sent to one lone room and I knew Cindy was dead! I was very close to Cindy La'Rose. She was the sister I never had! I took her death very hard. You see, Cindy was one of those rare people who cared about everyone but herself and she would give her last dime to feed the homeless out of her own room, which was a small basement. She was our very own mother TERESA!! But now she was lost to those of us that loved her forever...or so I thought. You see, I did not believe in life after death and I thought when you are dead you were dead! The next day I could think of nothing but the loss of our Cindy and how hard her daughter and family must be taking her death and I felt so sorry for them. All that evening I felt drained and after Shirley and I did the evening's laundry, we went home and went to bed. I slept very soundly that night and the next morning Shirley got dressed so I could take her to work. After breakfast, as she went into the bathroom to brush her teeth, I felt Cindy's presence right next to me! In my mind's eye, I could see her with a big smile on her face as she was rubbing my back, and my whole person felt so good I could sense she was letting me know: "Frank, you do live after death and I'm OK! Tell the rest of the family I love them!" Then in a flash, she was gone! All that day I felt calm, like the calm I haven't felt in years. I told Shirley as well as Cindy's family about the strange events of Monday morning October 19, and everyone believed me. They all know I am not one to make up stories. Up until this time, I did not believe in ghosts much less life after death, but I do now! On Tuesday October 20th, I told my story in front of all the mourners who came to say good-bye to Cindy. I felt Cindy wanted everyone to know we do live after death and who better to tell them than a man who did not believe in the after life until his life was touched by an angel...our Cindy!!!!! This story is true!!!


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