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In January of 1996, I had a strange dream that I was a passenger of a car driving on an unfamiliar winding road. Eric was driving the vehicle while i sat in the front. There was another guy that I did not recognize sitting in the back seat. The feeling that I got when I looked at this guy was that he was Eric's friend. I could not produce a name, however, I could describe his appearance. He had longer than usual, dirty blonde hair, and was about the same age or maybe younger than Eric. The conversation in the car was between Eric and this other guy and I did not say a word as it seemed as though I wasn't even there. The road turned into a series of sharp turns and Eric was traveling too fast to keep up with the changing road. We crashed into what looked like a rock wall off the side of the road. I can clearly remember the sound of impact and then everything was real quiet. I did not receive a scratch in the accident, and neither did Eric, but the guy in the back was hurt pretty bad. He was semi-conscious, and groggy while pleading for help. The car was a total wreck and my cell phone was destroyed in the accident. I remember looking around and thinking there was nobody else around. I also remember that there wasn't a sound to be heard. Eric stayed with him while I walked to get some help. After walking around for a while which turned up nothing, I returned to the site and discovered that the guy was in real bad shape. Eric said that he didn't think he was going make it. I looked down at the injured guy and his eyes closed for the last time.

Results: Two days later I spoke to Eric and asked if he knew of any friends who had passed away recently. In shock, he told me that two days prior he had been to a friend's funeral. His friend was from California and died from complications due to a car wreck. I described the guy in my dream to Eric and he could not believe that I had just described his friend exactly.


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