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There is something I was hoping to share with you that happened to my brothers and I when I was younger...My father had just moved out to Minnesota and landed a job as a Real Estate broker working with a development group. The developers were buying up farmland and building homes on them. My father was in one of the new homes and when we got there the development was so new the corn fields were growing in our back yard.

My step brothers, brothers and I were playing in the back when a boy came out of the corn field and asked if we would like to play, as much as we would have liked to we were just called in and asked if we could play later. The boy was excited and said "sure!  I live over there!" and pointed to the house on the other side of the field. The house looked worn from age, paint chipping but still livable. We said we told him after dinner we would come by. Dinner seemed to take forever but when we were done we cleaned up and left to see the new boy. Once we got to the door by brother knocked on the door but no one answered. We tried a couple more times yet no one came.  Once we realized there was no one home, we gathered our stuff and began walking away when we heard a man's voice. Looking back at the house there was a man, standing on the porch; who asked if he could help us. We told him of the boy who was looking to play with us and we wondered if he was around. He laughed and apologized saying he won't be around for awhile and that we could check back tomorrow.  Accepting that we weren't going to get together tonight, we thanked him and left.

Once we got home my mom asked why we were back so soon. We told her the whole story and watched her turn all shades of red!  We looked at each other wondering why she was so mad but all we got was go down stairs and stay there as she franticly called the police.  Once she hung up the phone she bolted out of the house towards the old farmhouse. Curiosity kept us from staying inside and followed her.  We found her talking to the police who had already started searching the house. I asked why all this?  They seemed like nice people!?  My mother in law pulled me to the side and said this house has been sold to the developers and has been abandoned for many months. Anyone living here would be trespassing on private property and should be arrested. We were confused and concerned for them. A couple of the police men came out and said there was no one here and there hasn't been since they locked up the house. The dust inside hadn't been disturbed.  The way my mother-in-law looked at us I though we were going to be grounded till graduation.  She told us to get back to the house in a very cold voice and I don't think I have ever run so fast. Once home, we couldn't stop talking about it.

When she got home, very little was said.  My mother-in-law didn't want to talk about it and seemed a little fearful about it.  My brothers knew we say something, and all we really wanted to do was play a little ball.


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