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"Ghosts...well they are real?"...I can say that with confidence. I don't really talk much about it but here goes.

It started about 10 years ago when my friend and I were playing an Ouija board in my bed room it told us all kinds of cool stuff, well for a kid anyway. And a few years after that a bunch of my friends were playing it and the guys were laughing and saying how stupid we were, I agree now but then I did not know it was the beginning to long unhappiness. That night it said that my boyfriend would die and of course it was devils night but he did not until 1 year later on the same night. And I really did not pay much attention to that but we all remember it. It was a freak accident said the papers he was pulled into a wood chipper by his sweater and nobody noticed his struggle until it was to late. Well, it was hard to get over but as I believe life goes on and boy does it. Let me first tell you that if you doubt that spirits or ghosts or what ever it was stays in one place that is so untrue. It followed me for a long time.

Let me take a step back and tell you about the night's I did not sleep knowing something were in my room. About my friends that stopped spending the night because lights were going on and off and so so so much more. I would never sleep because I was so afraid, and how I would not eat till I was getting very sick. One night I think I fell asleep, but it would be hard to believe it wasn't a dream that I went somewhere in a long dark hallway or tunnel. I could see things and hear this voice and it kept saying, "look to the past but go to the future" and I woke up. I thought to myself, this is enough, it is going to kill me. So, I moved and my friend and I rented an old home with only 1 other house on the street and a church next to us. Well it wasn't long before she moved out. Things moving, shadows, and voices terrified her. I'm not really sure how all this is connected, but I just prayed to God every night that it would go away. I think it is me that have something to do with it and IM not sure but maybe the Ouija was the beginning. But I have always been able to see things and I even scared my friend so much that he wouldn't talk to me all the way home. He was taking me to a park that was about 2 hours away and about 1/2 hour before we got there I told him to turn around. He kept bugging me to tell him why, so I finally did. I told him I see lights flashing and a man standing over a woman with a knife. He was like "what is wrong with you?" Well as soon as we got there we saw about 5 police cars and an ambulance. All of the vehicles had flashing lights and he did not say one word the rest of the way home.

Also, I can tell when something really bad is going to happen. Lately it seems I can see things that are way into the future. I know this probably sounds silly, in fact, if it wasn't me, I wouldn't know what to think. Anyway, things were fine for awhile I could just see things and not have anything scary around me until a few days ago. I just started working for my dad and the house that I was in was torn down and he put up an office. Well, in the doorway I saw a man! I did a double take as my mom was looking over some things. I said "mom, did you see that?" But by the time my mother reacted. it was gone. I really wish that this all would just be gone because I'm afraid my family will be effected by it. I would like to believe that I have a normal life.

My dream from 2 nights ago was very strange. I was standing in a room and some one was explaining the future to me and I could see it just not understand it. I only saw a few things but I can almost promise that this will happen:

  1. Guard booths at all water areas
  2. No cash only a card that looks like a credit card
  3. You pay with this card in a clipboard looking computer thing.
  4. The big 3 will have these trolley cars to take people to work to save on driving I'm thinking, but not really sure
  5. Prisoners will be giving a shot while strapped to a chair and it will disintegrate them no more electric chairs.
  6. You never leave your car to get gas it comes up from under the car and just pumps it in then you open your window stick your card in this clip board thing and off you go.
  7. No more weapons of any sort.
  8. Every thing is solar. Makes machinery run even through the night.
  9. Everything is named united like united gas co. united grocer's, etc., and a whole lot of other things that I don't understand.

I consider myself an average person living in middle class, raised by wealthy parents. Always had a lot of friends and I just don't understand all this.


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