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As a little girl growing up, when my parents would go out or leave town, my brother and I stayed with Grandma. She had the normal, cozy house that grandparents tend to accommodate; however, she had this room in the back of her house that was set away from the rest of the house. It was just behind the laundry hall and the garage, and it sat next to a small 3/4 rest room. It was always very cold back there. I remember how I hated that room, and how I always thought that if I fell asleep in the living room, perhaps Grandma would let me sleep out there, but it never failed, she always stuck me in that cold back room. There were many nights when I would have a dream that I was having a dream ("All of what we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"...I understand that now.) I would "dream" that I had awoken, and every time I did, I would see this woman dressed in 19th Century attire, with the bustle on her dress, high collar, dark hair up in a tight, thick bun, and a soft features, that I could never really make out. There were times when I woke up and saw her walk past my door, as if from the bathroom, and she would be singing. Other times, I would "wake" up and she would be at the foot of the bed looking at me as if I were her "precious child." I wasn't afraid of her, but I did have an uneasy feeling. I remember one time waking up and she was standing right over me. I just pulled the covers over my head and rolled over, attributing it to my young, wild imagination. I never told anyone about it until I was, I believe, a junior or senior in high school, which would be in 1992, I believe. There was a black-out in town, so I decided to go up to my aunt, Nancy's house -- way up in the woods. We got to talking, and thought it would be fun to tell of places we wouldn't want to be at this time of storm and black-out. I said, "Ann's room." (Anne is Nancy's sister.) She asked me why, and I told her. She got this uncanny look on her face.

This was just after the death of my great-grandfather, and some relatives came from all over to attend his funeral. Nancy told me that when my other aunt, Teresa, and her daughter, my cousin, Andrea, slept in that room, they claimed to have the same dream about the same woman. Nancy asked me to describe the woman I saw, and I did. It turns out that Nancy, herself, had the same "dream" as I did, and the same as my other aunt and cousin. She didn't believe the other two until I told her my story. Apparently, Ann had her own experiences as well; however, I am not sure what they included, if she saw the woman or what. Like I said, this was just after my great-grandfather died. The night he died, my great-grandmother slept in that room, and when she came out in the morning, all she said was, "I'll never sleep in that room again. There are ghosts in there." She didn't tell anyone about what she had experienced until years later...to me. I was at her house about two years ago, and I was curious about what she had experienced, but I didn't want to bluntly come out and ask her, so I kind of eased into the subject of the paranormal, and conveniently, I threw in that I didn't like the back room of Grandma's house. She said, "You've seen it too, haven't you?" I affirmed. She went on to tell her story, and it went something like this: "I was sleeping, and in the middle of the night when I heard someone go into the bathroom. I kept wondering to myself 'Why would someone use this bathroom? It's in the back of the house.' Besides, the only other people in the house were [my grandparents]. I just kept waiting for the toilet to flush. I don't know, I was sleepy, and I heard someone go in there, and I was just waiting for the toilet to flush, but it never did. Then I heard the cat meowing and meowing really loud. She wouldn't shut up. I didn't want to get out of bed, so I let her continue to meow. She kept getting louder and louder. I was starting to get scared. Then, I saw the doorknob turn, and the door opened up about three feet, and the cat came in and jumped on the bed." The next morning, she asked my grandparents which one of them had let the cat into the bed room....neither of them did. And the uncanny thing about that is, is that the door was shut all the way, and there were about four or five layers of carpet on the floor, so that door was EXTREMELY difficult to open, so if the cat were, in fact, to have opened the door somehow, it would not have opened it three feet, it would have opened it just enough for it's body to fit through.
That incident kind of shook her up a bit, and after she told me that, I have never slept in that room again. We talk about it in the family now as, "the room." We have never investigated the history of the house; however, my grandma does have neighbors that were newlyweds, move into a house nearby her, and they were taking photos of their new home to send to family and friends, and in them, there was a man, in a sailor suit, posing in the pictures, standing near tables with his hand on a chair, and others of the sort. They have these photos hanging in their house now and just consider the sailor part of their family. Grandma's "ghost" has never given any negative "vibes" per se, so nothing more has ever been made of it, than what it was, and still continues to be, "the ghost in Grandma's back room"


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