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I was about ten years old and home from school because I had a sore throat or some such thing. My mother was a homemaker, so she was there with me, and around eleven thirty I happened to notice that she was acting strangely. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she had heard her mother calling her, right out loud, as though she were in the same room, instead of thirteen hundred miles away in Ohio. I didn't give much thought to it even though mom started trying to call my grandmother on the phone. After about a half-hour she grew frustrated and called my aunt who lived close to Grandma, and asked her to go over and check on my grandmother. Not too long after, my aunt called back and said that she had found my grandmother outside on the ground by the clothesline. She had been hanging out sheets to dry and she had fallen. A pipe had been hammered into the ground to help hold up the clothesline pole, and she had fallen on it, driving it into her thigh, leaving her penned to the ground like an animal in a trap. My aunt was amazed and wanted to know how mom knew that something had been wrong. Grandmother said later that she had been so out of her mind with the pain that she had called out for my mother, and hard as it is for me to admit to myself, thirteen hundred miles away in Texas, my mom heard her.


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