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Back in 1989 I had a dream about my brother Mike. At the time of the dream he was off in Germany in the Army. We are only 8 months apart so we always were together growing up and were pretty close. This dream was about his death and funeral. His fiance' and our family were gathered around his coffin and we were all crying. When I awoke from the dream, I knew something had happened to him. The first thing I did was tell my mother and his fiance' Annette about the dream so someone would believe me if something did happen (this had happened before where I knew someone had died). The dream occurred on a Wednesday and his fiance' tried to contact him immediately and was unable to because he was out on maneuvers in the fields. She left a message with his commanding officer to have him contact her as soon as possible. One week went by before we heard anything. When they called us back they said that Mike had been on the field last Wednesday and during maneuvers a mine went off near him. He had been transported to the hospital and had to have surgery on his jaw.

After the incidence, my mother told me not to tell her any more of my dreams since the turn out of it. It had frightened her and his fiance' To this day, I still have dreams when someone is in trouble or hurt and I always tell someone about it before the result is known! And I still get goose bumps from it!!!!!!!!


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