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All the accounts in this story are true. 

It was a damp, chilly April night back in 1957 and the clock had just struck 12 midnight. My father was only 16 years old at the time and he was sharing a room with his older brother on the top floor of a multi-family home. The room was pretty large with two beds and furniture on top of hard wood floors. My father is the type of person who refuses to believe in ghosts or spirits and he will find an explanation for something abnormal no matter how ridiculous it may be. He decided on this raw night to read his comic book in bed with a soft light just over his shoulder and he kept the covers to his bed over him just up to his waist as he enjoyed the rest of his comic book. His brother was out with his buddies and his sisters, mother and father were all sleeping soundly. As he continued to read each page he started to notice that the covers had slipped down to around his thighs and almost to his knees. This did not seem strange to him so he pulled them back up and continued reading. He read for about another 5-10 minutes and again he noticed the covers falling down to about the same area. He paused from reading and looked at the sheets and thought to himself that maybe he had kicked them down unknowingly. My father pulled the sheets back up again and continued to read only this time he was paying attention to the covers. As he read each page he started to feel the covers come back down ever so slowly and this time my father watched the sheets fall back down. He started to chuckle. At this point he was convinced that his brother was playing a trick on him. He thought that maybe his brother had tied a string to the sheets and was hiding under his own bed. My father quietly leaned over the side of the bed and picked up a slipper and threw it under the bed as hard as he could in hopes of hitting his brother and possibly returning the prank. But the slipper glided under his bed, across the hard wood floors, and made it all the way under his brother’s bed slamming against the wall. My father got up off the bed and began shouting to his brother to cut it out and that it was not funny anymore. He checked the closets and the closest room and there was no sign of his brother or anyone else for that matter. All he heard were the sounds of his family sleeping soundly. A bit of concern came over him as he walked back to his bed. As he climbed back into bed he thought to himself that if this was a prank, he had no idea how this was being done and he was confident that it was not his brother or anyone else. He slowly pulled the covers to his chest and challenged whatever it was. He said “If this is a ghost, do it again”. My father held the covers as tight as he could up to his neck and waited. Within seconds the sheets were pulled down with a force that literally threw my father off the bed and onto the hardwood floors with the covers lying next to him. This was the first time he was really afraid and he decided to sleep on the floor in his mother and father’s room for the rest of the night. To this day he admits that it was strange but refuses to concede to the fact it was supernatural.



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