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I have visited several sites, and well, I feel comfortable sharing my story with you. You can rewrite it in better form if you choose to post it. I do not discard this to be my imagination. I have always had a "sense" about these things and I can no longer ignore my experiences.

I can say that I discovered my interesting “sense” while in my mid teens but I have ignored them since the passing of my grandmother nearly 4 yrs ago. As a teen I used to feel energies that were not always "good". For example; going to parties and not entering the house at all because of the energies that were sensed. What I really wanted to relate were these two situations.

The passing of my grandmother on December 29, of 1996. I didn't feel anything at that time and I had just spoken to her 2 days. I was very sad and depressed because of her passing, and my life was in a weird situation at that time. At the salon, I spoke with an aunt of mine and she repeated several times “she is not gone...she will always be with you. She will be there to look over you at any time that I needed her to be there”. I shoved it off as a nice way to make me feel better about the situation. About 3 months after her death, I was awoken in the middle of the night with the sensation of someone sitting down at the foot of my bed. At first I just opened my eyes. I didn't say anything. I had a feeling of fear and compassion at the same time not sure what to think about it. I thought maybe was my cat... But then again my cat has never just leaped on the bed and sat there in 5 years. He usually leaps up to sleep on my pillow. After about 2 minutes of trying to calm my heart beat. I raised my head and pulled down the covers just a little to sneak a peak. And there it was, I could see the shadow of a person sitting at the edge of the bed on my partner’s side. I saw the shadow quite clearly and felt a hand compassionately touching my leg as if to say I am here everything will be alright. I kind of panicked and knew who that shadow was in a way and I really don't know why I did what I did after. I know I should have said something but all I could do is “kick” the shadow away and "poof" it was gone. I fell right back asleep and woke up in a very relaxed state, feeling as though all my problems had vanished. I said to my partner that I had the weirdest dream the night before. But I don't recall telling him how sure I was that I saw and felt what I did.

About a year ago, I was babysitting my cousin for a weekend. We were in the kitchen of my aunt's apartment doing the dishes. I don’t recall the conversation we were having but I do remember thinking of my grandmother at that time. I was drying the dishes and had my back to the cupboard while my cousin was standing in front of me facing them. She was talking and all of a sudden I felt a breeze and someone whisper in my ear. I turned around startled, and let out a little "aahh" type scream. My heart raced but my breathing was normal. I turned around to look and I saw the shadow of someone standing in the back of me... And like the situation happened I turned back at my cousin and continued listening to her story. She stopped kind of surprised of my action and then asked me what my problem was. At first I said what did I say? She answered you didn't say anything you just freaked me out. Then I thought of what just happened and then told her "oh no big deal I just saw grandmother" She stepped back and started to tell me how crazy I was until I told her about the whispers I had just heard. About 3 months later she reminded me of what I had done and I told her about the night I saw the shadow at the foot of my bed... and then everything seemed to be alright and understandable. My aunt told me that she woke up the middle of the night the day of my grandmother’s death and knew she was dying.

Also this situation I don't think has anything to do with my grandmother. I have just moved in a new apartment this past July. I haven't felt anything particular but I do come home at night and something’s are not quite where I left them. Also I keep having to pick up my small 2 step ladder off the floor (about two time a week) Anyway about 2 weeks ago I was talking to my friend on the phone. I opened the refrigerator door to pour myself a glass of juice when all of a sudden I stopped talking and put the juice on the counter. I leaned sideways to look at the front door for a few seconds. I leaned back up and started talking again to my friend. She asked me what happened. I don't seem to do these things consciously and that scares me a little bit. In a way I am happy that I do not have these episodes too often like I had them as a teenager.


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