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What you're about to read brings back a wonderful yet spine tingling memory of a girl I once dated…

My story begins back in May of 1999 when I met a girl on AOL named Lisa. We started to talk on a daily basis after we both got of school. We shared almost everything and decided it would be good to meet in person. At first I was a little nervous since I didn't know how she was really going to be. But I built up some courage and went for it. Well I picked her up at the front of her school on a Friday and we went to the local theater and had a great lunch and watched "American Pie". A couple of days after I saw her online and I asked her what she thought of me. She said I was a good person and that she enjoyed our date. With that I struck the question "would you have kissed or held my hand if I had asked you?" and she said she would have.

After a while we began to drift apart mainly because we both had finals and some projects to turn in before the end school year so we decided to put off dating till the summer. Well August rolled around and I was out of school so I called her up and asked her to come to my birthday party on the 15th. We talked about it for 2 weeks before the party and she seemed fairly excited and eager to come. August 15th came and friends and family came and went, but she never showed up and I began to have second thoughts. The night finally ended and the last people left so I sat down to log on to AOL to check my messages and found her to be online and noticed I had messages from her. I proceeded to read the messages before I Instant messaged her to see what her excuse was. I read the first message and it read something about her being late because she had to take her grandma somewhere. The next message made my heart drop down to my feet and made my whole body sink into my chair as the message was from her mom. She said a drunk driver had killed her daughter Lisa in an accident. Tears rolled down my eyes as I felt like my chance with her had been stolen from me.

For several weeks I was in shock and couldn't believe this had happened and I couldn't forget it, since it happened on my birthday. After this happened I began school and met a new girl at one of my classes. We both hit off a very nice friendship but nothing more. And I asked her for a date to the movies. Her house was very difficult to find since it was up in some hills and the streets there were narrow and it was dark. Needless to say I manage to find the house. After the movie and dinner I headed back to take her home and she told me how to get back down to the main road. But somewhere down the way I got lost and started going in circles for about an hour. By this time I was feeling fairly sleepy and it was almost 1am so I decided to turn into a street making various lefts and rights at different intersections. After not knowing exactly where I was going, I finally decided to turn back around. I turned into a driveway and right before I began to pull out I looked up and noticed I was at Lisa's house that had just passed away in August! At first I was struck with fear but my fear turned into relief, as I knew how to get back home from that point.

Till today I don't know how I ended up some 15 miles away from the city I had been in, and into the driveway of the girl that had passed away some short time before, but I felt she had been watching over me. I still miss her a lot and often wonder if we were to be more than friends. I am just really glad I had the time to share a piece of my life with her.


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