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This is a true story… 

In 1967 my parents purchased a home in a private wooded area at the end of a cul-de-sac. A couple of years later the lot next door became available, so, my parents decided to purchase the lot because the house was a little too small for their liking and they were very interested in building a new home right next door. After the purchase of the lot next door in 1969, my parents sold our current house to a man (I’ll call Joe) and his wife. By 1971 the new house was completed and we settled in. Through the years, my parents had developed a friendship with our new neighbors and they often exchanged lengthily conversations. I was very shy when I was younger and didn’t really speak to them unless it was a casual “hello”. It wasn’t because I disliked them or anything like that, it was just because that’s the way I was, I kept to myself.  In 1996, Joe passed away from a heart attack while on his daily morning jog. My parents were very shocked and sadden by the news of his passing and they attended his funeral. Some time passed and Joe’s wife eventually sold the home and moved away, but it was just before that, in the year 2000, that I had this strange dream...

It was night time, about 1 or 2AM and I was standing in my driveway looking over into Joe’s front yard and I saw him standing out there. He just looked at me and then pointed to the family room window of his old house. I looked in from where I was standing and I saw two young males inside of the house with flashlights. One with darker skin and the other with white skin and they looked to be in their late teens or early 20's. The feeling I was getting was that they were burglarizing the home. The first thing I thought of was Joe’s wife and how I had to warn her, and as I started to run toward the front door I woke up. This was the first time I had ever had a dream about Joe and has been the last to date. I didn’t think much of the whole thing until 3 days later. My father told me that the night before he was smoking a cigarette out on our balcony and at about 2AM he caught 2 young males trying to break into two homes, one of which was Joe’s. When they failed to get into the homes, they tried to rob my father’s car that was parked out on the road. My father told me that he shouted out at them to freeze right where they were and that the police were on their way. He told me that they were so scared that they dropped everything in their hands including their flashlights and ran away down the road! I asked my father if he got a good look at them and he said “not really, but one of the kids had darker skin than the other”. It hit me right there that I had received my neighbor’s warning from the “other side” about 2 nights before in my dream.

These are the types of dreams that I have from time to time. I believe that they are messages from people who have passed on and that sometimes they are somewhat encrypted and then I have to piece the puzzle together. Sometimes the messages are crystal clear with names, faces, years, etc. and other times the messages I get are symbolic. I have learned to deal with this phenomenon and try use it to my advantage in helping others. In doing so, I always try to document as much as possible. 


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