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I am 31 yr. old and have always been interested in ghostly subjects. I am a believer in spirits, reincarnation, and such. My friend and I have used the Ouija board on many occasions to speak with many spirits, all of whom have been very "Heavenly" for lack of a better word. We have only encountered one unfriendly spirit, and were protected from him by the other spirits. We have seen physical evidence of their presence on a few occasions such as making vertical blinds rustle, calling a cat to go where we asked them to, a cool breeze on our feet... Most of the spirits refuse to do these things, calling them "parlor tricks" and a waste of the precious energy given to them by God to communicate with us. They have given us only wonderful insight into what lay ahead for our souls when the body dies, and have never predicted the future, warned us about anything malevolent or asked if they could reside with us. I just don't believe that these things occur, and if they do, then the user is in some type of emotional state that invites these types of spirits. As the saying goes..."Like attracts like". Anyway, I am not encouraging everyone to go out and "play" with the Ouija. It is certainly not a game, but, if used properly and with the correct protective precautions and frame of mind, it can be an enlightening tool and my sense of God and his power has grown tremendously.


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